Dayspring Christian School

Dayspring Christian School is committed to creating an atmosphere filled with the presence and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Dayspring Christian School is a K-12 school that provides affordable private school education in a God-centered environment for Christian families.  Through classroom education, weekly chapel experiences, and interactive learning opportunities, we want to prepare students mentally, physically, and spiritually for success after graduation.  Students discover a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and a sense of purpose in life through academic preparation, foreign language development, character training, and lifelong mentors and friends.


Balanced School Year

Dayspring runs on a balanced school year, meaning we start school in late July and end in late May.  Every six weeks the grading period ends and the school takes one week off.  The school is closed for one week for Thanksgiving and three weeks for Christmas.

Through this unique schedule, students are able to advance into new grade levels without losing as much information over a long break, while enjoying the benefits of shorter breaks scattered throughout the school year.

Get In Touch

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