Our School

Our Mission:

To lead and assist students to achieve their God-given destiny through a quality, hands-on education that grows each student academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our Vision:

Empowering students to live a Christian driven life while always seeking and pursuing the things of God through living a spirit-filled lifestyle.

At Dayspring Christian School, we believe each child is designed on purpose for a purpose. We strive to partner with God, parents, and students to train the whole mind, body, and soul as we help equip them for their God given destiny. We believe no two paths are the same and strive to meet the individual needs of each student through a hands-on, project-based learning approach. We cultivate an atmosphere that is individualized, flexible and positive. The goal of DCS is to grow Christ-centered students that pursue a supernatural lifestyle with the goal of taking their passions into the world and making a global impact for Christ.

Philosophy of Education

God has commanded His people and His church to provide the education and preparation needed to fulfill His plan for creation. The public school system was created to provide education separate from the church to train children’s minds, but unable to train their spirits. At DCS, we desire to restore God’s original intent – to train children both mentally and spiritually so that they may be able to fulfill their destinies in Christ.

As a school, we are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere filled with the presence and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our goal is not to shelter students from any evil influences, but to expose children to the higher standard that Christ calls us to uphold in the midst of a sin-filled world.

Our emphasis on high academic standards is important, but our goal is not just to train students academically. We want to train the whole person so that our graduates are able to excel, not only at whatever job they set their hand to do in life, but also as citizens of God’s Kingdom by living for Him, loving others, and displaying the power of His Kingdom within the jobs that they hold.

Our History

Dayspring Christian School was founded by Kelly Lewis under the direct oversight of Dayspring Church. Steve Wilson, the founding Pastor of Dayspring Church, and Kelly Lewis had a strong desire to see a Christian School established in Springfield, Missouri that would offer a Christ-centered, affordable environment for students. In 2004, DCS opened it’s doors with 3 teachers and 15 students. Today DCS has grown to a staff of 25 and over 170 students. The school is led by an administrative team under the direct supervision of a school board of directors. We strive to provide new opportunities for students while honoring the foundations of where our school started.

Helping Students Achieve Their God Given Destiny